The Links on PGA Parkway

Luxury apartment new build that is located near a golf course. Under Dodd Creative Group we worked together with Carbon Development to create an identity, branded materials, and signage.
Carbon Properties
The Links on PGA Parkway

In the Green

The Links on PGA Parkway is a new build luxury apartment complex located near a golf course. Our challenge for the team is to create a collateral marketing piece that will highlight the aspects of their amenities and develop signage that enhances the space.


Taking Aim

Since this is a new build we have set ourselves a goal to produce something that would not only tie into the golf theme but to introduce elements that would further elevate the experience new residence will have. With this in mind I've collaborated with our creative directors in creating pieces that would go along together and introduce The Links in a completely different way.


Winning the tournament

This project has met it's challenges and has allowed us to experiment in to avenues of promoting properties. My main focus for my portion was to ensure that we had a pocket folder that best suited the collateral pieces that tie in together sets. In it's final execution our studio has submitted this piece to the DSVC: Dallas Show which acclaimed the Bronze Metal Award in 2023.


Ben Rush | creative director (branding & print media)
Marty Christiansen | creative director (video & web)
Derek Sholeen | designer (logo)
Ronny Kim | designer (print & web media)
Bob Cardwell | designer (signage) 

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