Creating an app that would give pet owners a peace in mind
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An Owners Dilemma

Pet owners have had this situation. They have to go to work at a strange time, go on vacation, or even have a night out to themselves but no friend or family member is able to look after them while they are gone.


A vacation for two

This sparked the creation of PetPal an app that is intended to help book services such as pet walking, in-house sitting, and even grooming so that the owners can have time to themselves with security and peace in mind.


The treat of learning

As a print designer, my mind is geared to making sure that everything has a hierarchy and flow so that it is visually aesthetic and functional so that the clients message is conveyed towards their audience. In product design this is only a fraction of the equation. The biggest part is the interactive portion, how do we make something that the user can get to their goal in the most painless and efficient way possible. The problem solving, curiosity, refinement and just building something that would be of service to other people are all the things I enjoy doing. I definitely hope to continue learning more within this field.

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